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Foreigners may naturalize as Ukrainian citizens after living in the country for a continous period of at least five years. Applicants must have been issued an immigration permit, demonstrate proficiency in the Ukrainian language, and renounce any foreign nationalities.


If you need a Passport to travel around the world, Qualitydocs247 is here to provide and real passport solution for you.

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Do you wish to get an ideal dream id card? We are the right solution for you needs, contact us and buy  real  id card online.

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You wish to travel for work, studies, visit to any country? Get a visa from Quality Docs 247 and travel to any country.

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Resident Permit

Get a resident permit from us and settle in your dream country of your choice. We guarantee you a genuine resident permit.

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Degree and Diploma

When it comes to acquiring a diploma or degree, we  increase your possibilities of securing the desired job.

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How to Make a  Drivers License that Works

Eu Zone Passport

A drivers license or drivers is an official document that permits a specific individual to operate European Docs Express is a reliable and best place to buy european passport online. No matter whether you are in Europe or living in one of its cities like the UK, Spain, Australia, France, German, Belgium, Ukraine, and Switzerland, you can get your real and fake passport in Europe ready anytime, anywhere. In Europe, our agency is available with the service of a european passport for sale,